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Tips and links to help you in your lesson planning.

Tips for Tutors

Use the Internet when planning lessons. When you find an interesting site, explore any links it offers. about.com has good lessons: go to about.com, look at the list on the left side. Click 'education', then click 'English as a Second Language' on the next list and start exploring.
Google 'How to use the Internet in ESL' (without quotation marks) and explore those sites.
When you teach the same thing every way you can think of, and the learner still doesn't get it, STOP and teach them something else for awhile.
Go back to the "I speak English" textbook and handouts once in a while. Browse! There's good stuff in there and you couldn't possibly learn it all the first (or second) time.

Links for Tutors

ReadWest Computer Literacy Website!

Click here to visit the Computer Literacy Program website! 
Throw away your old CD's - the updated Computer Literacy Program is now on the web! Look for new and updated information monthly. Work one on one with your student through various activities. Check it out today!

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