ReadWest, Inc. is a non-profit adult literacy agency providing one-to-one tutoring sessions by trained, certified volunteers. ReadWest is here to help adults read, write and speak English. Our volunteer tutors and your donations help us to improve the literacy of members of our community, thus allowing them to live more productive and enriched lives.

ReadWest is named "Program of the Year."

by The New Mexico Coalition for Literacy.

1 out of every 5 New Mexican adults reads below the 5th-grade level.

Simple everyday tasks present real problems. Following street signs, reading bus schedules, filling out job applications or reading prescription labels can be difficult and frustrating.
At ReadWest, our trained tutors help these adults improve their reading levels, thus improving their ability to function in the community.

Job applications for work are often filled out on a computer.

Some applications are found only online. As society becomes more reliant on technology, so does our need to become literate in its use.
ReadWest offers basic computer literacy to its adult learners with direct, hands on instruction with a trained tutor.

The lack of ability to speak and understand spoken English can be very frustrating and even frightening to an adult.

What is a 'permission slip' for a 'field trip'? What do I say when the policeman pulls me over? No one understands me because of my accent and my poor English.
ReadWest helps adult learners of English with basic vocabulary, communication for many life and cultural situations as well as helps them to become literate in reading and writing English.

In today's workplace, even the simplest jobs require reading at a 6th-grade level or better.

Recently a student reported she was turned down for a dishwashing job because she didn't have a GED. There is a direct correlation between low literacy, low education attainment and low income.
One-to-one tutoring at ReadWest in reading and writing helps prepare adults to take the GED, attain better employment and further their education.

Children suffer from their parents' low literacy.


As the education level of an adult improves, so does his/her child's success in school. Helping low-literate adults improve their basic skills has a direct and measurable impact on both the education and quality of life of their children.
ReadWest's program strengthens a parent's ability to participate in their child's education. Parents who read create children who read.